Hi Loves!

Just a little about Me! My dearest Parents named me Nida and I am a Bachelor major in Human Resources Management and an Aspiring Makeup Artist. I am also a happily married wife to an amazing man. I am a foodie with passion, a makeup adorer, skin care fanatic, and have the love to travel around the world. I like spreading motivation and positivity in to people and love to be there for those who need me.

Blogging has been my passion since a few years now; however, I just never was able to get to it earlier. At first, it was the College and University, and working either full-time or part-time while studying. Later, during working from home for a top firm for over a year, I got engaged in the year 2013, married in 2014 (during studying phase), which consisted of moving to Dubai from Canada (where I grew up). I had laid out a plan to complete my remaining courses online (while in Dubai) but bad luckSlightly Frowning Face on Emoji One , those courses were never offered online during the two years that were delayed of my graduation.

So, currently, living in Canada, working full-time along with being a happy housewife and, a blogger & an aspiring MUA on Instagram.
There you have it! let’s get started, shall we? Smiling Face With Open Mouth on Samsung

I hope to get to know the all of You wonderful ladies. Please feel free to comment, email, and make suggestions.

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Much Love,

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