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Too Faced


Coconut Water Primer

Too Faced is a brand known for its wide range of makeup products. I don’t think that it needs a separate introduction as it is famous throughout the beauty industry and amongst makeup lovers. So, as per the name above, let’s talk primer for your skin before foundation is applied. Many top notch makeup artists do not agree that primer is essential for a flawless finish while other beauty guru’s will place great emphasis on going the extra mile with a primer.

What is a primer to begin with?

A primer is designed for different purposes depending on what a company advertises it to do. For example, minimizing pores, creating a clear canvas to work with, or blurring out minimal flaws on the skin. However, the main and basic purpose of all primers is to help your foundation and/or eye makeup last longer plus provide a barrier between your skin and the extra layer of makeup applied to the skin. What do I say about a primer? Keep reading and you will find out.

Today, we are referencing Too Faced Hangover Coconut Water Primer, which has been one of my favourites for dry and hydrated skin. Coconut is an essential beauty we all are much aware of with regards to its benefits. So, if you struggle with dry, dull, and non-dewy skin, then this is a must try for your experience and benefit. The primer is created to provide you with a longer lasting, fresher, and flawless wear throughout the day and night. The word hangover speaks for itself when the next day your skin is extremely hydrated and lacks the moisture to provide a dewy and healthy finish. At that point, coconut water primer plays a major role in creating a perfect canvas.

It retails from CAD $ 18.00 to CAD $ 40.00 available in two different quantity sizes; 0.68 oz and 1.35 oz. The texture is extremely light and easily absorbs in to the skin but does not dry the skin out. The smell is refreshing as it is as if you have cut open a coconut itself. The colour of the product is white and is not runny at all.

So, personally, what do I think?

I love coconut to begin with and therefore, anything with coconut, I will definitely take in to consideration with thorough research. I bought this primer after eyeing it for a minimum of 3 months. After testing out Benefit Cosmetic’s Porefessional primer (not for dry skin), I would not let go of my Hangover Primer by Too faced. There is no harm in taking the minimal effort extra step of applying primer before foundation. You are rest assured that my skin is at least protected from harsh chemicals of foundations entering your the 3rd layer of the skin. It also gives you a peace of mind for your makeup to stay on longer. I, at least have tested wearing makeup with and without a primer. Hence, I say go for it!!

Let me know if you have used it or are willing to test it out.

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