Most Awaited PR Package Of The Year

Back in the month of Ramadan this year, I was sent a beautiful gift by Hidden Pearls. Now, I know that getting to be noticed by cosmetic and skin care brands is an enormous deal when you are a beauty blogger and a makeup artist, but this was even bigger for me. Now, you are thinking, well what could be higher in rank than that?! Before we get into the nitty-gritty part, Hidden Pearls, so generously sent me 3 of their beautiful hijabs with my choice of colours.

So, religion, for me, mainly comes as a priority. Therefore, as a Muslim woman who practices the hijab (headscarf) proudly, it is a huge deal to be receiving hijabs from a brand well known in the United Kingdom. This is why out of the 4 different PR packages I had received this year, this was one of the best ones yet !! And often, we fail to realize the importance of a Muslim woman’s hijab. Not only does it cover her, but gives her the dignity and ability to break the barriers our society has set in which she isn’t able to leave her home to work or hang out. It provides the feeling to break the thought process of those who believe wearing a hijab is a form of an oppression.

What does Hidden Pearls do? 

Hidden Pearls reflects the form of a hijab brilliantly, for them a hijab is not just about selling but also about being. This is reflected by how they sell a variety of Hijabs, Hijab Pins, Handbags/Purses and various types of Islamic gifts including Eid Gifts which all tie in together making moments extra special for women around the world. Their hijab varieties include several types of Plain, Crinkle, Chiffon, Jersey, Pom Pom, Turkish, Shimmer, Multi-tone & Ombre, Silk, Floral, Polka Dot, Butterfly, Leopard Print, Pearl, Lace, Ribbon, Diamante and even Glitter Rose Hijabs. By the way, this list is by no means exhaustive! For that, you would have to check out their Hijabs yourself. They have one of the largest collection of Hijabs & Hijab Pins amongst the hijab shops in the UK. 

Hidden Pearls is offering a regular & deluxe box which offers a beautiful hijab (2 in the Deluxe box) from their luxury collection, you get a set of gorgeous hijab pins and an everyday essential hijab bonnet or ninja cap! Along with this you would get additional items in your box ranging from chocolates, pretty earrings, a bow and other really nice stuff! Finally, the products are gorgeously presented in a black box for regular and ivory for large and tied off with a stunning satin ribbon. Check out their regular and deluxe boxes at Hidden Pearls under Islamic Gifts for Her and Eid Gifts
Below are the close-ups of the hijabs with details. 




Doesn’t this sound like an amazing place where all your scarf needs can be met? Keep in mind, it’s not only for Muslim women but also the rest of the women around the world who wear scarves as a fashion statement too. Don’t forget to check out her website and sharing your experience with me.
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