Change Your World Using Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is full of benefits, not only using it as a cooking essential but for your skin, hair, and nails. So, now we know there is both internal and external good in the use of the oil. Let’s focus on the external benefits for now though.

Coconut oil consists of natural saturated fats which are bound to provide positive results for your hair and skin. Not only does it play a role in nourishing hair to make it soft, smooth & shiny, but also prevents wrinkles, dry and flaky skin. Now, doesn’t this sound astonishing? Keep on reading and amaze yourself.


On a personal note, I never gave coconut oil any importance until I began seeing the difference in minimal hair fall. I would heat the oil for a few seconds and apply in to my scalp. The results were better than I had seen using either Almond or Olive Oil. Don’t get me wrong, those two oils have their separate proven benefits as well.


Nevertheless, once I experienced dry and flaky skin, I experimented with Coconut oil and it worked wonders for me! But get this, it works even for under-eye circles and in prevention of wrinkles.


Its important that we use pure and raw Coconut oil to ensure desired results over time. Keep in mind, results and time frame may vary for everyone with different skin and concerns. Skinny & Co. is a company that produces exactly the type of coconut oil you must give a try. Sephora sells this brand with pride as it provides what it brands itself for: pure coconut oil with no involvement other ingredients.

The product sells in two different quantities from 2 oz to 4 oz. It sells for CAD $ 15.00 to CAD $ 28.00. If you are a regular user, it will run out fast, hence, purchasing a 4 oz bottle would be ideal.


Aside from the above, Coconut oil can also be used as a makeup remover (especially safe to be used for lower lash line), a facial oil (used as a moisturizer), and a body moisturizer.


Like any pure Coconut oil, texture is light, smooth, non-greasy and/or oily unlike comparative oils.

So, whether you are a male or female, incorporating Coconut oil in to your regular skin, hair, or food in take routine can guarantee your short and long-term benefits. Give it a shot!

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