Everything You Need to Know About NYX Cosmetics Studio Liquid Liners

NYX Cosmetics Studio Liquid Liners


We all know the name “NYX Cosmetics”, right? I call it a high-end drug store brand bound to satisfy and deliver to its customers. So, here we are talking about NYX’s most affordable yet quality filled liquid eyeliners. I can say that about the three shades I have tried and tested. Let’s get on with a to the point and short review.

Which Shades Have I Tested?

  • Extreme Purple
  • Extreme Gold
  • Extreme Silver

What I Discovered?

NYX has some amazingly pigmented eyeliners ranging from blacks to neons to dark colours. Specifically speaking, there are 11 different colours available for the Studio Liquid Liner range. The liner applicator is thin to an extent you can apply a thin layer but also build up to create a thick wing. You can always either create subtle of glammed looks. Also, let’s not miss out the fact that they are small in size which makes it easy to grip and apply.

With every product comes possibilities of cons as well. Similarly, the Studio Liquid Liners take a bit time to dry which means to wait a little before the next step is taken to complete your eye makeup. These liners are also susceptible to being smudged easily. I rubbed it with a tissue paper and they either smudge or can be easily wiped off. However, they can be wiped off with a makeup remover without any difficulty.

My Verdict?

If you are looking for creating an eye look with striking colours bound to get you compliments, then these are the eyeliners for you. However, with every product, always test out on your own before you pass on a personalized verdict. I personally like them but do wish they did not take long to dry out but for a drug store brand, this is pretty much your best deal!

Hope precise yet close look at the Studio Liners helps.

Much Love,

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