Maybelline’s Master Precise Eyeliner


So, I heard some good things about Maybelline New York’s Master Precise Eyeliner by Eye Studio. I thought of putting it to the test as well. Maybelline New York is one of the best drugstore brands in the beauty industry. Their name has earned much praise based on both quality and affordability of products. However, not all products are worth spending on.

Now, I know it may not be fair to compare a drugstore brand to a high-end brand. However, I am guilty of putting the Master Precise liquid liner side by side to Kat Von D’s Trooper liner. Get to know more about Kat’s liner here. Let’s move on, shall we?

This liner retails at around $9 – $10 CAD and can be found at most drugstores such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, Rexall, & Target.

Here is what Maybelline markets the product as:

“Eyestudio® Master Precise® Liquid Liner. Long-wearing, water and smudge-proof eye liner delivers precise definition in just one stroke.”

The eyeliner is waterproof and features an ultra-fine tip that, according to Maybelline “delivers laser-sharp precision for a defined line”. It has also been given an Allure best of beauty Award in 2013. Other benefits include Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested, fragrance free, and suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Here is my personal review:

“Master Precise liner may be long-wearing and waterproof, but it was definitely not smudge-proof or dark enough when applied on dark coloured or glitter shadows. You need to go back and apply layers of the liner to ensure high pigmentation. The tip is not far different from the tip of other pen like liners. You have a control over the creation of your liner; however, just not dark enough in one stroke. For me, definitely not a sharp precision”

Below, you can see a line drawn using the eyeliner; however, this was not just one application. I drew over the same line 3 times.

Following the above, I rubbed the drawn eyeliner line with a dry tissue paper just once and it smudged!! Where as, when I did the same thing on the Kat Von D’s Trooper liner, the line did not smudge or budge at all.

On the other hand, the liner was easily removed using a waterproof oil based makeup remover. No problems there! Even though, Kat Von D Liner sells at CAD $26.00 and the price is doubled from Master Precise liner, I still believe in investing in a product worth the value even if its pricey.

So, there you have it my loves. I cannot rave about a product which does no good while simply testing or using it on a daily basis. I will test out other drugstore brands and bring them to your attention and knowledge. But, for now, I will keep going back to my Kat Von D Trooper Liquid Eyeliner.

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