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KAT VON D’S Tattoo Liner ? 

Yay or Nay ?!!

There are tons of brands with a vast amount of variety of eyeliners. However, not every brand creates every product up to its mark and not every product can fulfill customer’s expectations. Similarly, eyeliners are a major necessity for an eye makeup look to be entirely completed. Of course, without testing out various eyeliners from different brands, you cannot determine your top pick. But, people like me are here to assist you in making a sane decision in order to invest your money in the right place. This review is not a comparison to drugstore eyeliners; rather to the high-end brand liners in the makeup industry.

Kat Von D is a well known cosmetics brand designed to help you achieve a medium to full coverage look through foundations, provide a look through highly pigmented matte shadows, and create that winged liner you dreamt of. Personally, I go through many reviews and testings before I purchase a product. I do not easily get influenced or satisfied without taking my sweet time in order to make the decision of investing my money in any product. For the Trooper Tattoo Eyeliner by Kat, I went through it all before I went ahead with it from Sephora. And, let me tell you this, that by far, it has been my best and most satisfying purchases ever yet.

There are two shades; black and brown priced at $ 25 CAD each. Highly pigmented and provide a matte finish with a slight shine in the end. However, it can still be considered a matte eyeliner. Along side being waterproof, it is run-resistant & amazingly easy to glide on to the lash line with a great pigment in just one application. Best Part? Never been tested on animals and do not include animal based ingredients.

I have used the liner for over 6 months and never going back to another one until I find its competition up right. I don’t expect you to blindly follow my say on any product. I will always advise you to test products out before permanently keeping them in your makeup stash. This applies to the Trooper Tattoo liner as well !!

You have the right amount of needed control over the tip and are able to either create a thin or thick wing. Oh and get this, it does not smudge at all !! Below pictures that you see of the swatch, I seriously did rub the liner with napkin, yet it did not budge.





So, what do you say? Are you willing to test it out? Have you tried it before? Do you own this remarkable liner? Whichever the case, I will love to hear from you. Thanks for tuning in and appreciating my work through personal messages. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram where you will find makeup looks using the Tattoo liner and Snapchat for behind the scene happenings.

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