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*disclaimer: The opinion below is solely mine based on personal experience, thoughts and expectations for an honest review. Some of you may not have the same experience as mine. Please respect each other’s point of views and go from there. 


So, for those of us not aware of Tarte Cosmetics, let’s get familiar with it at first. Tarte has been famous for producing products “always formulated without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, and gluten”. The brand offers a variety of products consisting of their most famous Tarte Shape concealer, pigmented eyeshadow and highlighting palettes, hydrated lipsticks and tinted lip balms, foundations, bronzers and their best selling mascaras.

This year in 2017, Tarte introduced their Make Believe in Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette to flatter their collection of a wide makeup range.


The packaging of all of Tarte’s products is phenomenal as always. Similarly, they did a great job in designing a compact, light-weight, beautifully colour coated, along with a touch of gold for a girly glam palette. I definitely enjoyed admiring the look and simple details of the palette design itself.


There are about 11 shades in total, from which 1 is a cheek highlighter and 10 are eyeshadows. It is a uni-corn inspired palette which is branded to bring a girl’s fairytale dream(s) to its life!

Shades are gorgeous in its shades and beauty but their are draw backs worth talking about.


Following are the shades as labelled in the picture below.

  1. believe (pearl highlight)
  2. myth (matte nude)
  3. magic (bronze)
  4. wings (copper)
  5. marvel (metallic sage)
  6. trance (taupe slate)
  7. fairy (metallic lavender)
  8. mystic (blue pearl)
  9. dream (turquoise)
  10. crystal (iridescent champagne)
  11. pixie (golden pink)


In all honesty, although the palette is beautiful and the colours definitely speak for what it represents, it does not meet the expectations I had from a Tarte palette. However, since, this is Tarte’s first palette consisting of texturized and metallic shades, we must give them benefit of the doubt for sure!! On the other hand, the palette DOES INCLUDE TALC, which is not a great benefit either. Most, not all, of the shade textures are similar to those of Huda Beauty’s texturized and metallic shades from Her Rose Gold Edition Palette. I believe that is one reason I did not find this to be a keeper for me as I already own a similar palette.


All in all, the pigmentation cannot match up to Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes, whether it is metallic shades or matte. It also did not beat the fact that Huda’s palette is Talc Free and this one includes talc so to speak. On the other hand, this palette includes ONLY ONE matte shade. It may not be a drawback for some but considering other brands include more than one matte shade along with shimmers and metallics, it is worth taking in to consideration. However, unlike Huda’s texturized shades, shadows from Tarte’s Make Believe palette can be applied easily with an eyeshadow brush. Similarly, Huda’s texturized and metallic shades are a bit thicker and heavier in application and feel as you apply.


The 11 shade palette is sold for CAD $ 52.00 which is an average cost of any brand’s eyeshadow palette sold in Canada or the US.

So, what would you consider this as; a keeper or nay? Do share your thoughts and experience with the palette. For me, it may have been a keeper if it were not similar in texture to the texturized shadows of Huda Beauty’s Rose Gold Palette. Better yet, if the pigmentation were closer to ABH, then I may have thought about keeping it twice. Nevertheless, Tarte Cosmetics has amazing brands including shadow palettes and much more. And, therefore, whether this palette is a yay or nay is solely based on individualistic opinions.

Much Love,

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