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Let’s face it; we all have some sort of concern with our hair which we are constantly looking up solutions for. Only if we could have one product to fix every problem, right? In this day and age, more and more individuals are struggling with dandruff issues. Yes, you heard that right, I am here to address issues concerning the mean old dandruff that seems to destroy our peace. Before moving forward, we must be aware that dandruff is a fungus that grows on our scalp, which if not taken care of, can become serious and lead to requiring a doctor’s attention. Dandruff could be due to many reasons such as poor eating habits, a diet lacking required amount of nutrition, and water quality depending on where we live.
Although there are solutions to improving water quality such as installing a water softener or washing your hair with warm or hot temperature less frequently, we often require products to control dandruff. Additionally, if you added daily vitamins and greens to your diet, it can help manage the cause and its side effects consisting of an itchy scalp or increased hair fall. Furthermore, there is a wide range of medicine infused products available for use as well.

My Struggle

Over the years, I have tried, tested and spent lots on drug-store to high-end hair products to tackle dandruff; however, it’s a bummer to know that dandruff cannot be permanently cured. The good news is that the nature-based forms of items I have used have done wonders for the issue. Out of the few, I have tested, rose water is an ingredient which can soothe your scalp and free you from constantly itching during the day or even worst, the night!

How It Works

Rose water acts as a barrier between your skin, scalp and the environment. Rose petals are infused with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce itchiness and irritation of the skin/scalp. Basically, dandruff dries out our scalp and lacks hydration. Rose water nourishes, hydrates, and moisturizes the scalp to reduce itchiness and creation of more dandruff. It also works wonders for the hair resulting in more sleekness, shine, and softness.  Not to mention, it also works its magic on frizzy hair.

Here’s what I did for over a year and you must get to doing right away!

You can either buy ready-made rose water or make it at home by boiling rose petals in a pot of water until they change to a darker colour. Once ready, drain the rose water and throw away the petals. Store the rose water in a spray bottle, once at room temperature, place in to the refrigerator. An hour before you shower, spray in to the scalp and on to the ends (to avoid split-ends), and give your scalp a nice massage!

Alternative Option

On the other hand, you can also use Mario Badescu’s rose water and herb spray the similar way. As the rose water and herbs in the spray help relieve dryness on our facial skin, it also aids in the control of dandruff on our scalp. Mario Badescu’s facial spray consists of magical properties like Aloe Vera, Gardenia, Rose, Bladderwrack and Thyme. All of which aid in moisturizing the scalp. If, in any case, you aren’t satisfied using it for your face, don’t throw it away! Rather, utilize it for your scalp and hair, you will thank yourself later for sure. Remember, regular use and consistency is key. I kid you not, rose water was a game changer for me a few years back and once I forgot to use it, my dandruff got worst.

So, would you be willing to give it a shot? Do share any of your tried and tested remedies for controlling dandruff.

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2 thoughts on “You Will Want to Stock Up On This Beauty Product

  1. Thank you for this idea, I got this facial spray because of its positive feedback for the skin 🙂 Tbh I have dandruff aswell but I use to use the vatika shampoo (yellow one) which helped quite alot.But now I wanted to try something with less chemicals, so I ordered cedarwood dandruff shampoo from amazon and its really working for me..but I do apply conditoner after that because it does caters the dandruff but doesnot caters the tangles 🙈

    1. hey Babe. thank you for sharing your experience. I also have tried the Vatika brand shampoos, they work good as well. Again, since there is no permanent cure (at least not that I know of :p) for dandruff, we gotta keep trying things to figure out what works for us. You gave me an interesting product idea as well to try out. I might try the cedarwood myself. It also depends on what brush you use, ever since I switched to using tangle teezer, i am in so much ease!! Cause I have a very sensitive scalp as well, the hair tangles really hurt me. I am so glad to have helped you in some way. <3

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